Gamification as a brand awareness tool

In the lead up to Christmas the airline Norwegian is running a campaign to raise awareness of its many destinations amongst subscribers of their loyalty program. It comes in the shape of an invite to win extra points for their reward program by opening airplane windows in their advent calendar. It then invites you to find Santa in a 360 photo of one of their destinations, at the same time you see a little bit of impressive scenery of a city they fly to. Once you have found Santa, you will then get asked a question about where you think the city is to finally win your entry into the draw for additional Reward points.

Each successful quiz answer also unlocks a destination deal or information about what else is available through the Norwegian reward scheme. You can opt to close the window or get the deal sent to you via email.

I find it’s a fun way of delivering some important messages about the brand, the loyalty program and the destinations. I have to admit there were a few facts I have discovered to date that I didn’t know yet about the airline for example that I can fly to Singapore and that points can be earned also through buying from some specific stores.

The email reminder that comes with the opportunity to open a new airline window is the trigger for me to login and find out. The action takes only a few minutes to complete and as a frequent flyer with the airline the opportunity to win a large influx of additional points is of interest to me. Seasonally it fits too, even if the images are set in summer, finding Santa in summer shorts if quite funny.

I find it a good example of incorporating a bit of lighthearted gamification with a treasure hunt and to tap into the motivation of a potential lottery win of reward points from customers with an interest in the airline. As they say, it is easier to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one, this campaign educates and illustrates how this can be done.


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