Gamification Mechanic Monday: appointment dynamics

Gamification mechanic Monday: Appointment dynamics

In multi player online games having to come together at a set time to go and attack a rival tribe is an example of the appointment game dynamic. Usually you rely on everyone to show to have the best potential chance in beating a rival.

The key is that there is a potential win to be had that would be bigger than if you played alone.

In an enterprise setting meetings at a specific time with all team members present are a frequent occurrence but usually the potential gain element is missing. However the first day of the sales can be an example of when being first in line may be of benefit. With the new model launches of Apple the first people in line have received their model free, hence a substantial gain even if it took dedication to camp outside the store.

Flash sales and happy hours can be other examples of an appointment dynamic used in an enterprise setting.

Where have you benefitted from being in the right place at the right time?

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