Feminine gamification viewpoint: News stories to make people care

Feminine gamification viewpoint: news stories to make people care

In the Friday Feminine gamification viewpoint, I often focus on great women inspiring others. Today I want to share the story of the journalist Nonny de la Pena, who wanted to write piece that would make people care with their whole body. she is combining journalism with virtual reality. For those of you who haven’t experienced virtual reality yet, I urge you to try and get a hold of of someone’s headset or even a google cardboard and put your smartphone in it with a virtual reality app playing in it.

In her TED talk “The future of news? Virtual reality”, she explains that it will take real journalistic best practise to have news and virtual reality blend together in a way that is chang/li> a hold of way)ur sgethU/bes0o3eal journalistic best practise to ha eic. Htogea nd venlend d otual:future o[-popu_li claandar=take reeadertake reM305.91take re640take43;.085c0 2take re360take43;.d-ima2take rebled dtake reM .wooc_a e2take re0take43;. .wooc_:after2take re20take43;]n.comdecolassoppsyncom/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Gamification-Nationpluoocs/opy

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