Challenge yourself to grow

Anytime I have made big shifts in terms of performance or habits, I set myself a challenge to do it. Before starting the challenge I mapped out my reward for achieving it. I make sure I have a clear image of what the reward is and look at it frequently to keep the motivation fresh. Sometimes it takes a bit of a muppet week to get into that state and for the un-initiated a muppet week is the equivalent of not feeling happy with a situation and moping that it shouldn’t be like this.

With some projects being postponed and a the start of a new month, the challenge to raise a 5 figure sum in 30 days is on. The reward is a Bellabeat tracker, which I have been eying up for over a year. It is a really elegant looking fitness tracker designed by ladies for ladies, so it tracks what is important to us ladies. Once that is earned, guess what the next challenge will be about 😉

I am typically I am a very private challenge taker. I never feel the need to share what is going on inside, having been hurt publicly a few times. The more you have been exposed to public scrutiny the less you feel it is helpful, but that is just my take on it. Stepping out into sharing is a big deal.

So what constitutes a good challenge in my book, here are some of the ingredients?

  • Something you haven’t done before
  • It is realistically achievable but will require a bit of a stretch outside your comfort zone
  • It is about something that means a great deal to you, you have a vested interest in achieving it
  • The actions are trackable
  • You can measure it
  • You set it, you own it

Those are the key ingredients for me and then I choose the reward before I start. It will not be fun if I miss it, at the same time I will live if I don’t earn it. The value of it is high enough for it to be meaningful and within my means.

So what is your challenge this month? Are you in on challenging yourself forward?

Let me know in the comments what yours is.

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