Feminine Gamification Viewpoint: Emotions

Feminine gamification viewpoint: emotions

In my work with sales teams, I am always surprised at the ease of rejecting of emotions when talking about the sales decision making cycle. Emotions are often in a male dominated enterprise culture left at the door or not for official consumption on the job in preference of the rational processes.

I would love to say that this works, but the reality is by and large emotions are still a big driver for purchasing decisions. Ladies are often the first to admit this, yet they are also trying to fit into the company culture where emotional expression is frowned upon. I am not talking about extreme displays of fear, anger or on the opposite side affection and joy, but the more subtle discussion of what drives people to take a certain action and what keeps them up at night with worry. In my experience ladies tend to be more empathetic in this regard (although I have also met great men who are adept at this technique) and always draw out the subtle reasons why a person may want to buy.

In gamification this is just as important, because we are looking at encouraging actions and decisions often tapping into the very emotions that so many companies are trying to avoid. So by opening the door to engagement and asking for feedback often through voting, discussion and sharing, you will often embark on a more major change management effort that initially imagined. I personally believe this is where the juicy part of gamification lies, real transformation where some old patterns are challenged and that includes rational culture only. Simply encouraging joy will open the flip side with it namely sadness or boredom, so that’s why it’s important to address the real emotions and be empathetic to both sides.

Because of the nurturing social roles that often have been associated with women in paternalistic societies, ladies can often assist in uncovering these finer deeper emotions. I would actively encourage you to engage in the emotional discussion even when it can become a heated debate and address both sides the positive and the flip side.

What emotions have helped you make decision regarding your behaviour in recent times?


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