Feminine gamification viewpoint: call for research data

If you have a gamified application, platform or tools, where you collect gender and age data, I would like to reach out to you and ask if you would be willing to share how gender and age groups interact on your platform. Basically the types of interactions they respond to and the types of interactions they don’t respond to.

Basically what I am aiming to do is to understand in a more scientific way what gamification works best and for whom. Obviously we don’t need sensitive details, just a gender breakdown and age breakdown if you collect these details. If you don’t currently capture this information, then it isn’t quite what we are after.

You can send us the data on fun@gamificationnation.com

In this column I tend to refer to research created by other and so far it has served me well. With gamification continuing to grow as an industry and the tools being more and more available, we want to also look for gamification specific information when it come to age and gender for the purpose of creating better inclusive design suggestion.


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