Some days we are all lost for words, and today is one of those when looking at the US election results. One thing I will say is that fear is a strong influencer and combined with a compelling marketing campaign, it will beat positive motivators every single time. It is important to recognise this as part of gamification design.

Most of the time especially in training an learning and development circles it is assumed that positive affirmations and positive messages will win out over negative messages and pointing out of consequences. Fear however is deeper rooted even if it is not factual based, both the Brexit referendum and the US presidential elections will tell you that. Both campaigns used fear of the unknown, un-factual evidence on how bad outside influences are or what outsider is stealing your “own” resources…

There is more sense of belonging in negatives than there actually is in positives. The marketing campaigns of both examples used stories and created a very divisive and threatening fear based following with strong hatred for any different view. In both cases the opposing party had a soft response and often no equal story that was compelling enough.

Accepting difference is uncomfortable, encouraging change usually comes with discomfort and displacement and the rapid pace of change of all of our worlds has caused widespread displacement. With that comes fear and the blaming of outside sources whoever and whatever they are, including rejection of the establishment by choosing whatever the replacement has to offer. Even if that means an inward view, closing off boundaries, building ones etc.

Let’s hope we can keep this a world together and that the established governing bodies can create a peaceful and uniting effort with as much gusto for great stories sold with unbridled confidence and a simple slogan.

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