Why do companies use quizzes:

Lead generation


Employee engagement

Trivia fun

Customer feedback

We helped our customers save time by creating their quizzes and we help them overcome the hurdles of getting that first quiz ready. In shot we make quizzes and easy solution for you with our range of solutions:

Done-for-you quiz

We will review your quiz and make suggestions for here we make a quiz tailored to your needs on our platform and we then give you the end product to deploy on your website, email and social media.

Quiz review consultation

We will review your quiz and make suggestions for improvement or work with you to get the parts you don’t understand or can’t make work. This means you have made a start and just want a bit of extra help.

Quiz design masterclass

A 4-hour masterclass to help you create your lead generation quiz.

Playerence logo
Our quiz platform of choice is of course our own Playerence. It is built with mobile players and easy editing in our web portal first. The average player spends 8 minutes in a quiz, often plays more than once and conversion from player to lead is on average 40%. If you like these numbers, then contact us to schedule a demo.

“Winner of internal innovation award!”

Our client wanted to persuade their audience to use modern technology instead of classroom training. We created a demonstrator gamified learning journey to showcase how engaging gamified learning can be. This led them to win an internal innovation award and be shortlisted for Tiga Educational Games Award (2017).

Shortlisted as a Finalist in the TIGA games awards 2019.

Our client wanted to attract more young people of a diverse background into engineering roles. We added a series of adventure themed mini-games to their recruitment process showing what life as engineer can be like and tests the individual on their abilities to build confidence and encourage them to apply.