In our 4-hour workshop we will go through:

What kinds of quizzes there are
Why you should use quizzes in the first place
How to choose the right one for your target audience
How to structure the quiz
The tools to create a quiz with
Good question style techniques

We are very practical-minded in how we structure a masterclass and we want you to walk away with your first draft for your quiz. It will be interactive and for a small group of people, so that you can get your questions answered.

Book your place now for the Thursday the 10th February 2022 Quiz design masterclass from 14:00 – 18:00 GMT (3-7 pm CET) – only 15 places per masterclass

Early bird price until 6th February 2022: £150 – use COUPON CODE: EARLYMASTER at check-out.

Regular price from 7th February 2022: £450

We look forward to working with you!

We helped our customers save time by creating their quizzes and we help them overcome the hurdles of getting that first quiz ready. In shot we make quizzes and easy solution for you with our range of solutions:

Done-for-you quiz

We will review your quiz and make suggestions for here we make a quiz tailored to your needs on our platform and we then give you the end product to deploy on your website, email and social media.

Quiz review consultation

We will review your quiz and make suggestions for improvement or work with you to get the parts you don’t understand or can’t make work. This means you have made a start and just want a bit of extra help.

“Working towards Carbon Neutrality in your city.”

A smart city wants to promote carbon friendly and healthy behaviour by their citizens. They used one of our gamified apps called Carbon 0 Commute nudging citizens that live within a 7km radius of their place of work or school to choose the carbon friendliest and healthiest options. We are using peer to peer challenges to keep people going.

“Visualize how gamification and game design can help your company.”

Explaining gamification and game design to people who don’t play games and often don’t like games can be difficult. Our specialist created card deck breaks down the game design steps and gives 100% better understanding of the process.