Lead generation quizzes have many shapes and forms. We find that a lot of our customers would like to use quizzes but they may have questions on how to do this. Or they simply want another set of eyes to review their quiz. This is exactly why we created this quiz review consultation.

There is no such thing as a stupid question. We have been making quizzes for years, so we will be able to help you forward. We don’t know all the tools on the market but we have tested several and know the typical jargon they use.

Each consultation is up to 1 hour long. The quiz review consultation takes place online and we use Teams for our online meetings.

If you have a quiz ready that you want us to review, then please add a link to it in the notes when you are booking your time with us.

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We look forward to working with you!

We helped our customers save time by creating their quizzes and we help them overcome the hurdles of getting that first quiz ready. In shot we make quizzes and easy solution for you with our range of solutions:

Done-for-you quiz

We will review your quiz and make suggestions for here we make a quiz tailored to your needs on our platform and we then give you the end product to deploy on your website, email and social media.

Quiz design masterclass

A 4-hour masterclass to help you create your lead generation quiz.

“Best choice in lab leader at HR Tech World.”

An has proven to be our best choice in a lab leader on Gamification in HR. This year at HR Tech World Congress we scheduled over 190 speakers with amazing content but An stole the show with a packed workshop, which left little standing space and the attendees asking for more.

Steve George, HR Tech World

An’s enthusiasm and knowledge for Gamification is infectious.

An’s enthusiasm and knowledge for Gamification is infectious. During her talks I learnt so much about Gamification and how to use the science of gaming to motivate and inspire people in non-gaming situations. She created a really inspiring and lively environment where we were able to explore and learn how to implement gamification into real life business situations.

Lucy ignatiadis