Waves for moods and learning

My Facebook feed often pops up interesting gadgets, from the weird to the wonderful. Thanks to my interest in all thing technology and background in training and neurolinguistics, I also receive some suggestions on wearables with superpowers. The latest one was waves to control your mood and to get into the right state of mind for specific things like high focus work, deep learning, meditation, sleep, etc. The wearable looks a bit like a headset which curls around your head and sends extremely low frequency waves to the brain and body.

I know neuroscience labs have been doing tests for some time regarding frequencies and how they can help us become more optimised in using our brain. Especially in the learning field tests have been carried out. I took part in some early days version of combining sound waves together with hypnotic induction for language learning. For me the result wasn’t conclusive, I ended up more mixed up in the new language and mixed in other languages for which I has similar basic knowledge. In my mind it became a garbled mess of Spanish and Russian with the odd bit of Italian for good measure. I also didn’t have the opportunity to finish the full course, so maybe over time I may have mastered Spanish without the mix-up. I also often wondered if me zoning out into sleep still made the system effective.

I do believe that our state of mind does help us in accomplishing tasks and tools like hypnotic techniques, anchoring and visualisation have worked for me. Consistency is key and your own belief levels also. When it comes to brainwaves, I think it would be fun to try out and see if it works as intended. I also wonder at the same time, if they are effective and in the wrong hands, we could end up with all sorts of undesirable programming. But maybe that is my fantasy taking a run  with it.

I would to see the invention of instant language translation or instant download of a new language through these tools. One of my very first entrepreneurial journeys was in the field of translation technology and at the time it wasn’t accurate (20 or so years ago). We have come a long way, but full accuracy has still not been achieved.

Would you try brainwave technology to optimise yourself?

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