Blockchain recognition of skill

It took me a while to understand how blockchain works and how it powers things like cryptocurrencies. The current wikipedia explanation works well to give an idea of how the …

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When does learning happen?

As I was scrolling through my twitter feed (@GamificationNat if you want to connect with me there), I came across this question “when does learning happen”? The person who created the …

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Where do you learn?

In recent discussions with clients and co-workers, the question where do you learn came up a few times especially in light of gamification of internal learning systems. The reality for …

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My learning gamification framework

Learning gamification framework by An Coppens of

The Learning Gamification Framework designed by An Coppens of Gamification Nation aims to give structure to the three levels of gamification design for learner engagement. It is a good base structure to consider gamification as part of learning design and learning experience building with a strong focus on results or proof of learning.