Reflections on cultural experiences

The past week has been filled with a fabulous amount of new experiences. It is always a great privilege to be able to travel and explore different cultures. Ultimately it makes you realise that most people want to feel heard, respected and fulfil their personal needs and passions.

From a Gamification perspective I love coming to Asia, because people in general are not afraid to state they enjoy play and with even minimal guidance every group I have worked with here comes up with innovative gamification designs. Some that can be immediately implemented in the work place.

In Europe with the same guidance we get to a half baked cake, because a lot of over rationalisation has to take place. Never mind even sprinkles on top for inspired design. (Bad cake recipe with sprinkles on top still doesn’t make great gamification- inside joke for those who have been to workshops)

I am also always impressed with the welcome I receive everywhere I go. It is rare not to have fun and meet fabulous new friends. I have to say this trip was rather epic in this regard, a big thank you goes to Adib, Mia, Jaxton, Clifford, D’Jae, Mike and anybody else in the team that made this happen behind the scenes. You always know you had a fab time and people touched your heartstrings when you feel slightly melancholic on the way home. I will treasure my memories for a long time to come.

For now it is until we meet again 🙂



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