Loyalty and Gamification World Championships 2014

Loyalty and Gamification World Championships 2014

After a good few date changes and even a name change the time to start testing your knowledge on loyalty through gamification and other means is nearly upon us. On the 12th of July 2014 the Loyalty Games are going ahead with the first heats taking place online, the top 50% of participants will go through to round 2 on the 26th of July again online and then the top performers globally will engage in the World Finals on the 9th of August again held online. Have a look at the competition trailer:

Today we downloaded the warm up pack for the Loyalty Games 2014 and had a quick look at the type of questions to be prepared for and in our view there is a good mix of ease and challenge in the questions. Questions come in the form of multiple choice and short case studies.

We are definitely proudly supporting this event and I will give it our best shot to make it through the rounds, even when in competitive circumstances the ladies often opt out, I have decided to give this one a go for the industry. I had originally paid to enter the Gamification World Championships and I hope that with adding loyalty into the mix, I can still do well even if our area is more gamification slanted. In the end of the day if we have created enough engagement at the start, we hopefully keep them with revised or additional gamification techniques for the long run.

Here are our top warm up tips for the Loyalty Games 2014

  1. Download and try out the warm up pack (we are assuming you actually registered to take part already)
  2. Go back over the course notes you wrote during the Coursera, iVersity or other gamification programs, if you have never taken these…there is still time I guess 😉
  3. Make google your friend and read up on latest loyalty and gamification thinking
  4. Research what some of the judges have written about, to have a feel for what they may be looking for
  5. If you have books on loyalty and gamification, re-read, skim, cram etc (did we say we were the studious kind in school lol)
  6. Above all have fun in the process and keep the Olympic spirit of giving it your best shot in taking part

If you have other winning warm-up tips, by all means add them on our social media or in comments

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