How to measure engagement of your design?

Measuring engagement when it comes to employee engagement is usually carried out via questionnaires or survey or even mood tracking within the business. Some behaviours like the 5 pm rush out the door and lingering breaks, slow pace of productivity is indicative of a probably dwindling level of employee morale and engagement.

When it comes to learner engagement, often the measures are along the lines of completion rates, interaction with materials, feedback surveys and rating of courses. In some organisations, more data of where people drop out or stop a course is also being tracked.  Very rarely do we look for feedback on whether the person got what they needed from the course.

In gamification design, we tend to track against the business objectives for which the design was created. But should we be doing more?

At a panel discussion in Toronto, we were asked how we measured our design before it goes live. The measures suggested were named as the game engagement questionnaire  (Brockmyer and others, 2009), the presence questionnaire (Wittmer 1998) and flow (Cziksentmihalyi, 1990). The first two were developed with video games in mind and the third to create optimal experiences.

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