How to gamify your productivity for optimum performance?

Having worked as an executive coach with high performing individual in business and sports, gamification came early in my world even when it wasn’t a word yet. I have seen people thrive by adding a few simple and effective tricks to their work days and then setting small but meaningful milestone rewards.

Most highly productive individuals have worked out a goal setting system of some kind. Whether it is online or on paper, they do have overall objectives and then they break these down into smaller bite-sized tasks to get on with. Over time they have learned to overcome procrastination with mind over matter or ‘just do it’ type approaches.

Here are the top 5 approaches I use and have seen used that work well to increase productivity:

Tag a new habit to an old habit

Creating new habits is hard to do, even for a high performer. But everyone has existing habits or rituals performed every day. Imagine you would like to do more gentle exercise and your daily commute to work is by public transport. Walking to the next stop on your tube or bus commute or getting off a stop earlier than usual can add that half hour extra either way. Finding a gym right near the tube station that you can head to straight after or before work could be another option. To create the new habit, add it into an existing routine and stick with it for 90 days to have it fully embed. Track your daily new habit and create an unbroken logging streak when you perform the activity.

6-minute rule

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