How feedback is teaching me

I have been using the Grammarly extension for a while now on my computer and especially for writing this blog. Call me nerdy or what, but I love receiving my weekly writing insights. It helps me for one to feel good about writing regularly and secondly, it also points out my most common errors, such as punctuation for example.

Here is a selection of this weeks feedback:

It starts with: Your vocabulary was quite voluminous last week. You used more unique words than 94% of Grammarly users.

  • 14 week Grammarly writing streak
  • You were more productive than
    89% of Grammarly users.
  • You were more accurate than
    37% of Grammarly users.
  • You used more unique words than
    94% of Grammarly users.

Here is what I find the actionable feedback:

1. Unnecessary comma in complex 42 alerts
2. Incorrect use of a comma 38 alerts
3. Missing comma after introductory 36 alerts

(would you believe it corrected its own lack of use of an article – too funny!)

I will say that the feedback is presented in a fun and constructive way. For me, it works to pay more attention and when I write without Grammarly in the background checking up on me I am more aware of the things to watch out for. This is the kind of report that can make a person improve. When you use the extension in your browser and on your computer, it gives you in the moment feedback, which allows you to change and correct your words directly. What I notice though is that the instant correction isn’t always teaching me, whereas the reflection on the feedback presented above actually is more useful.

The majority of my statistics are positive and then the actionable feedback is also listed in my personal top 3. In most learning-related applications we receive very little if any feedback. I welcome, these emails and look forward to learning. My guess is, that if the feedback is presented well, most of us would make more changes.

I also unlocked a whole set of achievements and I am on my way to the next one in two weeks …




I would love to know if you use this application, whether you are improving based on feedback or whether it largely stays the same for you? How do you like your feedback?

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