Gamification trends for 2021

Gamification trends for 2021


It has become somewhat of an annual tradition for me to write up what I see as the main trends for gamification in the world of work. If we look at predictions, forecasts, and everything that involves a bit of combining the knowns and the unknowns, 2020 told us that we won’t get it right all of the time. But we have some certainties, and then some uncertainties to enter into the mix. When I look back at my 2020 predictions, they still held quite well and some are carrying over into this year due to a delay rather than being irrelevant in my view. Let’s look at 2021.

Gamification has become mainstream

We largely have the lockdowns to thank for that. In an indirect way, it’s a by-product of the whole COVID-19 crisis. And why do I say that?

Well, actually, a lot of the world of work has gone online. Whether we like it or not, we are doing our meetings online, our learning online, our collaboration online. In order to encourage and nurture people through different cycles and sequences, more and more often, gamification is seen as a way and means to doing that.

In the industry, we knew that gamification applied to all those situations and that it could be of great help. We have been evangelising, myself and many others in the industry that yes, gamification can indeed help you nurture the behaviours you want more of. It helps you achieve more together and collaborate, as well as hit goals that maybe when you have face-to-face meetings, you don’t need the actual gamified prompts as much. Although they also work in the physical world of work, in my view. Some of our best results still come in the hybrid form of both online and offline blended together.

So, the first trend is that it is mainstream. And what does that have as an impact? Well, in fact, a lot of organisations, when they are looking for new tools, new software, will be looking for gamified elements in it. In order to have that level of motivational design included in software tools that they are rolling out towards their people. Whether that’s for productivity, for collaboration, for learning, for all sorts of marketing sales and other efforts. We see it across the board. We saw it in the projects we’ve done in late 2020, so the latter half. And also the requests that are coming in even as early as this year. It is much more prevalent and has less of the early stigma attached, which is a good indicator that gamification has become mainstream.

Games are the go-to distraction and entertainment method in lockdown

The second trend is that in times of, I suppose, fear and uncertainty, we took ‘en masse’, to games and gaming to divert and cope with the world. If you haven’t listened to the podcasts I did a few weeks ago, where we looked at whether gaming was bad for children. We clearly got answers on the fact that actually, games can provide coping mechanisms for children. I would extend this, that games can provide coping mechanisms for adults as well.

What else did we do? There’s only so much Netflix, so much television, and so many books you can read any given time before, I suppose, your mind wanders and goes somewhere else. Games provided a distraction. And when you looked at the data, as in the statistics, it was amazing to see that across all age groups, gaming was in the top five of activities. Even directly behind searching for what is COVID-19 in some cases. So I think it’s something we cannot overlook.

It also means that people are using games to really actively distract themselves from reality, and giving that escape to themselves. As employers, and with gamification in mind in the workplace, we need to be mindful that people will have a need to divert away from work. Because work and life are sort of blending together where there is no longer a boundary of physically going to work, but actually maybe sitting in your kitchen, sitting in your bedroom, your living room, and working. The divide that was there, by physically going into a place, has now been replaced by maybe playing games to create a boundary for where work starts and where work ends.

I know as a remote-first organisation, we’ve worked like this for a number of years. And to me, it always showed that if you are thinking of engaging people in different continents, it’s always good to have gamification and games to create a connection. Because when we hire a new team member, one of the questions I will always ask is, what’s your favourite game and what games do you play? Why? Because A, it’s important that they have an interest in it if they want to work for us. But B, games give us that connection that, let’s say, talking about work doesn’t give us. It’s a common interest that basically people develop. If you’ve played a game together with your team, or if you’ve had an outing together, you create that same kind of team spirit. And that’s exactly what games can do for organisations.

I would say that incorporating games and gamification will be further in-house in our hybrid working world.

Nurturing work practices with gamification in a hybrid working world

The hybrid working world will actually demand more gamification and games. And that is to encourage basic collaboration, productivity, completion of goals, achievement. And then the related rewards, recognition that comes with that. And even just simply knowing how well you are doing compared to your best self can be a good measure to keep someone motivated when you can’t see your colleagues face-to-face in an office, or where part of the team is maybe self-isolating. Where, for example, the visual statistics that you may see in offices around sales, call centres, et cetera, are no longer visible on a wall and there’s no manager really sitting beside you, or in the same physical space that is encouraging you forward or asking you to take that call. It’s now data and game mechanics that are doing that job, that are telling that story.

I think that’s important, that for the hybrid workplace where some people are in office, some people are working remotely, the connection is made through the game elements, the visual dashboards, the visual prompts that basically connect people together.

Gamification of well-being

What I would also say, and this is trend four in my view, is that the importance of using games and gamification for wellbeing and tracking workplace wellbeing will become vital in 2021. Why do I say that? Well, a lot of us have had to deal with grief and are probably going to have to deal with grief, hurts, and loneliness to some extent, and isolation. Not everybody copes well with being alone, being isolated, being locked away, and only being able to speak to a small number of people.

I know I used to travel at least once a month. I would say two or three times a month most months. And I have to say, having been in one physical location for nearly 10 months now has been an amazing adaptation, but I also at times have felt it mentally. We need to use gamification to keep yourself motivated, to keep yourself in high spirits, especially when things are not necessarily going your way, and you have no physical way of influencing it in person, you have to rely on something that can be managed remotely.

I think that mental wellbeing is something that more and more companies, especially those who have employee engagement and caring for employees as part of their value set, I think that’s where the next generation of gamification will come in.

We have already seen gamification in let’s say, productivity, collaboration, HR, and learning. But the next space is in my view, and this year specifically, is in the health and wellbeing space for companies. Gamification has already earned its stripes in the mental health world, as in, it has been used, and is being used by practitioners in psychiatry and psychology. For example, creating a distance between what one is thinking and visually expressing it inside a game or a virtual world. And then, the approval of games that for example, help with ADHD, which I wrote about last year, which also was a first in 2020.

I definitely believe that gamification and wellbeing will work well together if implemented from the perspective of providing care and providing that opportunity to flag that I’m in trouble type for an employee. Because with all of us in remote teams, daily connection with your teammates is important. Also knowing that your manager cares and that the company cares, will be that difference maker between basic loyalty towards an organisation or disengagement from an organisation. I believe it will actually be something that people will value and probably decide whether to stay or leave companies for.

When we are no longer physically engaged or physically going to a place, it’s easier to disconnect. The reason why I say that is if you look at behaviour on social media, for example, as soon as it’s a visual or a text-only, like a Twitter only, for example, it’s any medium where you as the comment giver are not physically there, or physically seen, makes it a lot easier to come out with very negative, very harsh comments. Obviously, with a small number of characters and probably limited context in some cases, we can see that spiralling out of control quite quickly. So the lack of connection that is felt is what makes it acceptable, even though it isn’t, to give, let’s say, trolling comments or nasty feedback to the different people.

I also feel that social media has shown us the nasty dark side of not having that physical face-to-face connection. Because when you put a troll in front of the person that they’re actually attacking, very often they will not dare to say what they actually said online. There have been several experiments done to that effect where they read out the comments they read to the face of the people that it was intended for and they did feel remorse. You have of course outliers that don’t, but by and large, most people felt embarrassed and horrendous about it. So, I think from a workplace perspective is something we definitely need to be mindful of and watching.

I think in a hybrid work environment, it is definitely something to monitor. First of all from a communication perspective that connections are nurtured and secondly that wellbeing will be high on the agenda, and I think it should be for every organisation. Most organisations will have had people who’ve been impacted by COVID themselves, or their family members, and they may have lost loved ones through COVID or through the other things that haven’t been looked after in the health sector because of it. We definitely have a situation that will drive health and wellbeing up to the top of the corporate agenda.

Artificial intelligence and gamification to track the narrative and mood

Last year I said, AI and gamification will marry together for adaptability and adaptivity.

But I actually think this year, artificial intelligence can help in monitoring the narrative, monitoring the emotional states of people. Where I see gamification and artificial intelligence heading this year is that we will use more of it, for one. And for two, is that we use it to actually flag where there may be potential problems from a mood, from an emotional perspective. We see a lot of HR tools with a mood tracking functionality and mood tracking ability in them. IBM Watson and other AI tools have the ability to read the mood from a paragraph of text and when deployed in monitoring communication channels across a company they do come back with meaningful insights.

We also see it in a lot of apps for mobile phones, where you can enter your daily mood. I mean, my meditation app, which actually I believe is a really good example of good gamification. The Calm app, if you haven’t tried it, have a go at it. What I like about it is that whilst it prompts me to enter my mood, it is totally voluntary, and it is totally up to me to decide whether I want to or not. It leaves me my sense of control to do it. And every time I do it, I do get a pat on the back for doing it. So, it’s not something that is compulsory.

From a workplace perspective, keeping gamification and mood tracking voluntary should be seen as a best practice rather than an actual trend. Most workplaces will be tempted to want everything to be compulsory. We have seen that with learning gamification, we have seen that in a lot of HR implementations, we have worked on. The request is always to make it mandatory. We usually have an uphill battle to persuade them to agree to a completely voluntary form of gamification. I believe the negatives outweigh the positives when choosing mandatory over voluntary. One of my last posts for last year was around enforced gamification and how it can actually be a limiting factor. I recommend reading that one also.

But I think artificial intelligence from the perspective of where the algorithm detects language, detects moods and detects it more and more accurately, that’s where gamification can come in to then nudge the person to take positive action steps towards either putting their hand up and flagging, Hey, I’m in trouble, I need help. Or nudging them to, what’s your corrective action. As in, what are you going to do that makes you feel better? How many things today have you done that will make you feel better? I think that’s where I would love to see gamification go on. I think it ought to, especially given the year that we have just experienced.

Climate change

I also had it as a trend point in 2020, that there would be a focus on climate and sustainability. I don’t think that one came true for 2020. Pretty much by and large because of lockdowns. Saying that the lockdowns did prove to be benes. Sayingu-duncingaior andnoiske plolutio.? Ho eve,d we do seecClimate change is still impacking ann̾ Bushfiares,f lodging,texrlemd wrathereconictions are still aoppeeing als aroundues, whather there isah COVID ornoh COVIy.

for mustcinties, there’scan active agends towardszerto misstions. I believe tat a lot of the wok, we are doing and sbeing is aroundgGamification ofcClimate change and specificallr nudging towards climate ctsion, and that’s positive action asoupposed to just simply tracking it. We see more and more tracbers, more and more interest in knowing what kind ofcarbion fotproint we leave are the typss of things and how we can persocally co trbutve to rduncingcarbion misstions. Als,. I believe tat lon-ntemt behaviour chang,r nudging towards sustainabilit, and towards positive actio,g will become mainstream.Itg will become very important for whatIy see in gamification forcClimate changy. SoaAlthough I think last year the trend dion’t quiteecome tru,. I don’t think it has beeneraosedraisted from the agenda.

I actually think once lockdowns arefeadingbout and thev acione is probablyfiending itskplace into the largrs communits, and thrbeforo rduncing the isck ofsp readint, I think the nextbigs hithoht tpics will be back on the agends and that will becClimate change and sustainability. I believecClimate change and sustainabilitt willrlea in high on the agends for 202t in all things gamification and where gamification is very liklye to be implemented fromcnits, toncation, to corporate levesd.

Thebigrgrs soceital ssuie,s and that would bemye next trenw, is that thebigrgrs ssuieI likeun emplonment,p oveity, fodI suplties, andionqunalityi;s where I think the next focus fs gamification and/seriouf games should bh. Although it’s probably where thebnudgit should be alsohprioriiosed towards actually dlgivecing the/sevficee. But with larg4-scaleun emplonmenh larg4-scale rdunation of incames becausencertaie industimes have been hitlso hred, and people have been made rduendnht all vher thskplacg.

I think we will see tle o going effecss of tant from 202tonowardy. I don’t think it’s going tostlop. Soais muchase I would love to day gamification candot somethin,k well The realityi;sun less you haves hether andfmood, gamification is the ls;t thing you would want tonoctice. But for tosce of u that are in ahprvileaged position of havingat job, havinganf incamb, havingenhoughfmood, and es hethet, we are tle oves woe can help tle oves that are not sk welloffr. It is in our suppart of tosce leserk welloff that gamification and/seriouf games can come to lway and createean emratics impac, which will oop-fulyo then stmulmate ctsiog.

I see moreNGOgs and chaintiee lookinghat wyss of how canwce makg this wok? Mmaybe even communiie;s wherefuendsaere mide vail able to basicallytapg into upltcsations like mobile apps, or even communiie;s on social medie nt wokse to basically provide a bit of good for the communitn. Because I do believe tat the bac lshe of what we have experiencer is that we will heag into smalner groups, smalner communiie;s and that eo basically will-leare to suppart ine aorther io smalner groupe ataie like we usdg to do back in more tibual timeg.

I believe tat Attrackingnocticn and emratye of wot’s in trouble, woe neesn hel,f can be videdbay gamifdedsysitemn. ye potentially t give and makgbarthersysites whereaAlthough you right be ungary, you may still want to co trbutve yoursktilds for gbining your mood. There are thigse I think gamification canaded to the icrturt, but it should beatimed at those who are stillafnfluet,e who are still in work and woe canaeffoed it, rather than those who are witbout because that’s the ls;t thing they want to do tskplyn. The first thing they wantiys to makesuere they are cvheeod for the basits.Tthat’satbigs disinection theeo.

But I think fromyour perspective havine, let’s say, one chainye projec eoachqunrther would be something to be lookingatg and sb,f how canwce hel,f and how canwcedot somethins positive that will help people forwarr. It is definitelyoin our agends ss a compand.

The prevaleicn and this is more ofal design"featurw, is that the prevaleicn ofvvirtual worlsn is a sk grwking. Tist has come about fromsSome of the harsh aintcse of precesd gamification where you justaded gaming elements to specifif precesves woe are basicallyadvlocating isitand ofadeiing gamg elements toaf precest, rging people i toafvvirtual worlt and hvde them exloare thigse theeo Vvirtual worlsn llhow for mere nhaencer narrative and mrem exloarative gamkplys, wherasdgGamification ofaf precest is much morenlinear and limiter.

Saying that the two can c-exdisr nectly b sideeoachorthen. The nextbigslarunmenh will-liklyeybe which one is mrem effective. I rekion thatpresearch willntelr evectually taxt in some situations, the virtual worlt is idneed the bestaway forwarr.Aind inorther situations, it’s actually l gamified precesg.

t’elr give you nd example of how this playedbout in our some environment. Weweree lookinghat wyss ofexerclisint because tve ymdsaereclposer.Aind lookinghat how canwcedot this in afueI and gamifted lay?Soe we looked atsysiteme likeZwifty, for example, which basically have you take part in all sorts ofrlaces andrlace ataiost ither people inafvvirtual environment. that eocthose as an apt calkedKinomapn where you have a morenlfe like experiencn where youfollhow someone elst’s rea ovidon fot ag pparrlayedbin the screee. You can bhat your best sels, oryYou can bhat the people that have beenion thatscame tbacr. It is maybe notasdgGamifked ss aZwifttsysitet, but for us, the_link to realitt ais important.

It rgines medback to whatIy haveea intaindg als lon,. I think it is the blene of thevvirtual and the rea world where themagsic nies fof both gamification,augemented reality, but a sk360 ovido,g and virtual realitt to some extenn. BecausenNot everybody is coffor able-blocging themselves from realite in ttaln. I believe the blended experiencn is mest important.

d also think thatvvirtual worlsn are igrgrs and igrgr,s and echnholoimes have nhaencer so much that it’s eary for people tnaeffoed. Most compcters can anple te, even thoughmione starts wheazing likecrazly when I dolaunuchvvirtual worlss.As lond ss you haveenhoughb an-widt, and owher io your mtchiies fofim medithe m moy,. I think it wokse very well and canwwork very welt.

So, that’saaorther intereshing questioe. And from a corporate perspective,>I know from the projects we’ve done is that there arebrhave organisations tat llhowpanybody to how up es arythine. But in a lot ofkplaced, you still want to be seen as the person that you art.

Whilst you can’t physicallybme in taxt spact, I think that could be a coln"featurt. In an offick environment, it’satnon-runinerun less you havead work environmenk whery, for example, compcters are not osisible and whereorthernoiskis ma, alsobhe prstenn.Ffactoy,f lorsy, for example, mau facturingaerasd could be a goodkplace wherevoice- activated gamification ma, actually be the bestopstioe.Wwherasd in an officg space where more of the, I suppose, mental and woed precesvine, and cildsannd everything need to be taging place, there may be more space for one-todone in your hea phont kind of feedbace. ButbeyoAnd than, having talkingdevfices all vher thskplace may not functiot sk welg.

I think 202t will be a tansiation yearglobtally. I think from COVID otnon- COVID and whatrlea ist to be seenist how pem aentr the remote officg will becomo.

But thansd to the remote officg environmen;s becosing much more acceptable. And forscamb, probably an o going reality, I think that’s where gamificatiog willfwillgapns that rebviousle may not have been cosvidrser.  I think it has pede up what it candoy. I think fromathum at connectio,r ths distraction facto that games uringaera gooa, are positivn, and should be recognsked sssmuch. But als,r their potentially heasint benesrt and collaboration benesres becausn̾ Iu can’trlemumber woequotied i, or woy said it tomrt, but people that lway together stay together. And I see that in fmilties, but I also see that in teamp. If you’ve evey played with peoply, I mean, I’m still intourch with peopl, I playedspsorts wits. twill have a connection with peopl, u’ve played games wits.

I oe see a ign space for it in the world of work, andion the world of life in generlp. If yolaere mokinghapps,mtaging plt forn,. I don’t thinkyYou cansigmore rt ay morn. Thedone tging I’mhcoping and isching for is that in 202,d we dopaly atmention. That it becomas a forcs for mood. And that we teder cyear of theunmethcial practicen. That we keepyour desigsa tans_parent for allcueary, both the dm ist as well as the nd-cueary, Because eI don’t want to create that negativs spac.? There’spalenys of tant aroundneatuually speating is the currenecClimatt.Im oope for an ethcia,s positive impac,whery, that gamification can rying that to the table.


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