Gamification stuff we love: 750 words

Gamification stuff we love: 750 words

For those of you that manage to stay clear of the Pokemon Go craze and prefer a bit of writing time. How about some gamified writing with 750 words?

750 Words is a site where on a daily basis you can add your journal, ramblings, blog, book, business writing etc. Effectively all the site does is provide you with a writing pad on your chosen device. The more you use it, the more feedback you will receive on yourself, your writing and thinking. You build up a statistical profile like in the image below:







Equally it reports on feelings and your mindset whilst writing, like you can see in the two images below:










If you ever used journaling as technique to work out where your head is at or work through an issue, you may find this a useful insight. It tells you trends based on what you write.

Some of my female friends do a morning journal, which is what is recommended in the book “The artists way”, where 3 pages of writing daily are recommended to truly tap into your own feelings and values about certain things that are going on in your life. I never succeeded in doing the three pages for a very long time, but I would do a brain dump that gives me feedback.

It is a fun way to gain insights into your writing and thinking.

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