Gamification stuff we love: Zappar

Gamification stuff we love: Zappar

Ever felt like bringing a bit of augmented reality to your writing, your apps or your events? Well with the Zappar create and studio apps, you can achieve just this. I have been exploring augmented reality and virtual reality for marketing primarily and occasionally for innovative books and learning materials, hence I have a come across a few platforms of this nature.

What I like about Zappar is that it is affordable, so even if you want to use it as an individual, you could probably do it and obviously if you would like to fully brand your content then the pro version will suit you just fine. I love the element of curiosity it can create and equally the potential to be creative with augmented reality from having pictures and content in unusual places to unlocking conversations. Your limitation is your imagination.

Because of my curious nature, I also had to try it out. So I dare you to zap my picture below in the Zappar app (which you need to download on your smart device) and tell me which companies need to LevelUP with us 🙂


The instructional video tells you it is possible to have your own zapcode with augmented reality ready in 90 seconds, and if you are a bit more speedy than me, you probably could. I tested every button, so it probably took me a few extra minutes, but to be fair I reckon even a non-geeky person would find their way around this one. For ease of use, the people at Zappar also created all the necessary logo’s and fun pictures to add into your publication, so all your followers can play.


The pop band 1Direction have been using the app to create a full day of streamed content for their fans, interactive posters and create a dialogue with their fan base.

Where will you use augmented reality? and who will you zap to LevelUP?

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