Gamification stuff we love: water challenge

Gamification stuff we love: Are you up for a 30-day water challenge

Last night I went to a business networking meeting about boosting your performance, only to walk out having learned from PGA tour golfer Carl Watts, that drinking more water is the way to become more energised. He calls it common sense and saying that we all know we should drink plenty of water, what I didn’t know is that only water classes as the right substance (not coffee, tea, soft drinks nor alcohol).

On a good day I have to admit that my most favourite drink is probably coffee, I have been aware for some time that my water intake is probably not quite where it should be. The shocking statistics on unintentional chronic dehydration, Carl shared, were rather sobering as well as what we do to compensate and gain energy from sugar. He went on to challenge all of us to take on the 30 day challenge of drinking more water, he suggested to gauge from your body when enough was taken and suggested a starting point of between 2 and 3 later per day, broken down into smaller units and spread over the day.

First thing in the morning drink half a litre to get you set up for the day and more if you are sleeping in a hot room. Ideally then drink a bit regularly for example one cup every hour or 4 bottles a day. One side effect is to build in more toilet breaks when you do get started.

I have tried this before and never succeeded in keeping up my water efforts. So who is willing to join me on this 30-day challenge from today to keep each other motivated and going all the way? I have downloaded an app called Water Balance and already earned my first badge for filling in my personal details, what was less cool that my favourite beverage coffee reduced the water intake :-(. You can choose your own tracking app to download to have the feedback to stay motivated. No other dietary or drink changes allowed during this period to really show the effect a bit of water can have in improving you general health and well being.

Why am I doing it? First of all to see can I really keep up a water habit for 30-days regardless of my workplace and schedule, secondly the added side effects such as increased energy, possible weightloss and generally feeling better sounds good to me.

If you are joining the 30day water challenge, let me know in a comment or via twitter.

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