Gamification stuff we love: Siyona Tech

Gamification stuff we love: Siyona Tech

Although I didn’t manage to leave our exhibition stand very often at Learning Technologies, I did manage to visit Siyona Tech and received a demo of their augmented and virtual reality technology.

What impressed me most was the use of Epson smart glasses and the Siyona Tech augmented reality training for Origami. It basically allowed you to remain present in your current reality, in the periphery you could still see everything else happening. On the screen in front of your eyes however you had an instructional video on how to fold your own piece of origami. Whilst watching the training, you could immediately be implementing it. You have the chance to pause the video or even rewind to verify if you went about your actual project the right way. Imagine how an IKEA assembly would be so much easier with a video instruction through your smart glasses.

The immediate implementation for this technology is technical training.  Even in technical support where one person close to the troubled machine shares what he sees and a second remote person gives instructions in video format back to assist in the troubleshooting and fixing. I think in this area the company will see great uptake, when more and more smart glasses are on the market and their pricing becomes more budget friendly. The augmented reality solution I was shown can be deployed in a  very short time frame and the budget required makes it feasible for most companies.

Further development is in the pipeline with potentially heads up displays showing progress and potentially feedback on performance with gamification elements.

What have you seen recently in terms of augmented or virtual reality that can be applied to business?

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