Gamification stuff we love: RedCritter Connector

Gamification stuff we love: RedCritter Connector

Last week I had the privilege of receiving a demo from Dan Hoffman about Redcritter Connector, which is a gamification platform. The origins of Redcritter actually come from gamified agile project management and their original product Redcritter Tracker, which is no longer supporter but still available. The platform brings along the collaboration aspects it would have used in it’s project management platform for wider use in an organisation.

Redcritter Connector sets itself apart from other gamification platform by tracking skills and knowledge workers gain over time through badges and achievements. It does have the leaderboard, badging and profiling ability you would expect of a platform with the additional bonus of the traits tracking potential. what is also unique about Redcritter that you own your own profile as a user and could potentially take that from one company to another, with badges and achievements included.

The other side which makes the platform attractive is it’s openness about pricing, they actually publish prices on their website. With a lot of my clients I would often suggest to rollout out gamification in one team first and verify the transformation change against other teams and then when all is working rolling it out to the wider corporate community and with the pricing structure this is actually even advantageous. The other element which is cool in Redcritter, is the reward store, where you can let employees earn points towards a reward of their choice, which can be completely internal or it has links to Amazon and Starbucks for the time being.

Here is a video link, which showcases how companies have used Redcritter Connector to build an internal project team based on the skills required as well as internal connections facilitated through the internal existing platforms such as email, Office applications and social corporate media.


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