Gamification stuff we love:

Gamification stuff we love:

A few weeks ago I was part of a panel at BETT, which is aimed at the education sector and I came across this Belgian creation called ‘Kweetet’, which in my native Flemish is what you say when you know something albeit in slightly slang language, just imagine slightly annoyed child telling parent “I KNOW” with big frowns and attitude. The platform is aimed at children between 6 and 12 as end-users and educators and educational publisher to add curricula to the platform. You use the platform both inside and outside of school time to have play-work instead of homework.

The whole idea is that when children complete practical exercises related to school material, they earn points, which can be used to play interactive games. The platform is narrated by famous Belgian voices and narrates between the exercise and game play sides. The set-up is a 3D virtual world to be explored and new games to be unlocked. Each school year and semester new areas become available, so that it is engaging for the longer term. Children find realistic environments as well as complete fantasy environments and have animal teachers and backpack challenges. I thought it was fun to explore and will definitely recommend it to my Flemish friends with children.

Here is a game trailer to have a look at the feel for it:

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From a gamification perspective it plays on the curiosity driver of children, where they go on adventures to explore the world and then equally satisfies some educators perspectives that not everything should be a game sometimes it is as simple as a quiz or drag and drop exercise. Whether the adventure or the learning is driving the child to play more or learn more is in fact a blurred line, which in my view is how learning should be. I am sure there will be some people who say sometimes you need just pure learning, but they are overlooking that during the game play part children are still learning and exploring with engaging dialogue and blending what they know from the real world with the fantasy world and vice versa.

Having helped with homework for my niece, who is in first class in the big school a few months ago, it seems very age appropriate. You will find missions, points, collectibles, adventures, children can change their avatars, virtual coins, etc.

What is your favourite educational platform or app?

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