Gamification stuff we love: Hooptap

Gamification stuff we love: Hooptap

Yesterday I had the privileges of a great demo of the Hooptap platform and solutions for gamification. I have to say it was impressive. I loved their Brandclub option, where you can basically with or without any web-presence set up a full loyalty based program with fun games and gamification to have people interact with your brand. The flexibility provides clients with the option to have a full gamification platform or just a number of html based games, ready to use apps and the possibility to integrate it with existing systems.

I could see how this would appeal to marketing people looking to create more brand engagement on a platform that gives them data on their clients, with the option to segment how users are rewarded. The gamification platform includes the regular contenders such as levels, points and badges as well as missions to complete to win prizes with virtual currency. The content management system that travels with Hooptap looks very easy to use and customise to your needs and brand. The data analytics provide you with the same level of profiling you would expect from Facebook advertising and no surprise it easily integrates with that platform also.

The example, which I had come across before whilst judging the Gamification World Awards was from Danone and Consum, where the brand club games were combined with point of sale system records from the retailers epos system, to create an increase in brand engagement. The original target engagement was to increase purchases by 20%, what actually happened was an increase of 60%, overall this meant a 6% increase in Danone sales and increased sales of 2.5 % for Consum stores. Impressive numbers if you ask me.

Here is a short video to explain a bit more of how the challenge went for Danone & Consum through the Hooptap platform:

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Where else have you seen great brand engagement with results?

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