Gamification stuff we love: gamified puzzles

Gamification stuff we love: gamified puzzles

I enjoy puzzles as a way of relaxing and often to go through things in my mind or on longer travels it is great way to pass some time. The app I use is called Jigsaw puzzle. Much to my surprise in the last 2 weeks it added gamification on top of the already existing puzzles. Before this feature didn’t exist, they just allowed you to puzzle and even use your own photo’s to create your own puzzle or you could download sets of images to puzzle with. The iPad app allows you to pick the level of difficulty based on the number of pieces for the puzzle.

By adding gamification to the existing app, which I already enjoyed, I have now gone through taking more puzzles with different numbers of pieces so I could collect all my unlock able trophies. It includes quantity challenges and time challenges, so far I haven’t succeeded in the time challenges but I sure have enjoyed playing more. The achiever in me wants to have a full trophy cabinet and the explorer in me was the one who found the trophy room in the first place.

In the lead up to Christmas it also included a gift pack, where every day you could unlock further gifts, which were in any case puzzles, but I found it good fun to discover what was behind them each day and often found a lovely puzzle surprise.

It was funny to see an actual game app adding mechanics I would be using to encourage learners to achieve more or come back more often. Fun to see it work for games too.

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