Gamification stuff we love: Drivkraft

Gamification stuff we love: Drivkraft

Last week we held the second gamification world meetup Scandinavia in Stockholm with the topic of education. Several companies presented what they were working on and I will be sharing some of these with you in the next few weeks. The campaign Drivkraft from digital experience agency, was one that struck my attention.

The energy industry in Sweden and I would say globally has had a lot of negative press with being polluting, expensive etc. which resulted in workers in this industry nearly being ashamed to mentioned where they work. The purpose of the project is to help energy workers feel proud again about what they do. To achieve this Stickybeat designed a game for workers to learn how they can keep Sweden alight. It is not easy, because a lot of collaboration is necessary and unpredictable events such as storms do happen. Players work together per province and play against colleagues in other provinces with the ultimate aim of lighting up the whole of Sweden.

The game was launched a few weeks ago only to the industry and an impressive number of workers have played to date. The feedback is positive and the challenge is ongoing. It also coincides with internal communications and company events to reinforce the message and purpose of the game. Hopefully at some point we will be able to report good news of a belief shift back towards being proud.

What I like about this is that although it is a game and not strictly gamification, that it takes a known work environment and known conditions into a bigger picture. As a worker you often only see your own job and not the bigger picture you are actually contributing to. The game dynamics take a similar shape to reality and the fact that it isn’t easy to light up all areas does instil a sense of achievement when it is done.

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