Gamification stuff we love: Avaya Live Engage

Gamification stuff we love: Avaya Live Engage

Avaya provides web conferencing software amongst other products, the specific product we love is Avaya Live Engage. It allows your company to set up a virtual meeting environment, which can be similar to your real office spaces and then you invite meeting and/or course participants as first person players into the environment to attend your meeting or course.

Course participants move through the environment with an avatar, which they can fully tailor and make look like themselves. If you are within earshot of a person or presentation they can take part in the conversation. Closed meeting room settings are available and the typical functionality of webinar software is available such as powerpoint share, screen share, camera and audio functions.

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What I like about it is that it is easy to navigate and feels very real. I also believe it will enable role play from a course perspective and because of the avatar learners are encouraged to try out new techniques. So far it appears that avatars serve as a mask so if they lose face as part of a training session it is not perceived as if the individual is messing up, but rather experiencing first hand learning in the safe masked setting of an avatar.

I was a big fan of 2nd live and with a previous business was about to set up an office in that environment to host exactly these types of meetings and training sessions and then the hype died down and some not so favourable news appeared about Linden Labs at the time. So I am absolutely delighted that Avaya is making it all possible again without having to break the bank to create a great first person virtual meeting.

The virtual world and first person experience are the key gamification aspects I see in play in this system.

What meetings or courses would you attend virtually?

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  1. Now that Avaya Live Engage is ending, what gamification conferencing platform do you love and recommend?

  2. Why is it ending? So far I haven't seen another enterprise wide system like it, I have seen beta versions of start-ups in a similar space. Do you have an alternative?

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