Gamification stuff we love: Wheeldo’s weekly marketing quiz

Gamification stuff we love: Wheeldo’s weekly marketing quiz

A good while ago I spoke with Irad Eichler, one of the main creators behind Wheeldo, an online platform, which allows you to construct and create games in a matter of minutes for the purpose of your choice. They have recently taken the great approach of using their own system for their content marketing.

As they described in  blog post this week they wanted to create innovative content marketing, but also as a small business had limited time and resources to consistently come up with new content. So instead they have decided to have a weekly marketing quiz and as a nosy marketing graduate I have been playing a bit. I wouldn’t say I was aware of the regularity of the quiz, but I have played it more than once and always pick up a few little bits of information I didn’t know before.

Wheeldo has found that 55%of their subscribers play the quiz every week and that their mailing list subscriptions have also gone up by 20% per week. Not a bad return on designing a quiz with their own software.

There is a chance to win a gift voucher, but to be honest I only found that out today when I was researching for this blog post, so my motivation to play was mainly driven by testing my knowledge. Then again I also play quizzes for entertainment.

Check out how you do on their current quiz about online marketing tools:

The quiz basically showcases their product in action and I personally always love when a company does that. Where else have you seen good use of own platforms by game and gamification solution providers?




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