Gamification stuff we love: rewarding your collaborators

Gamification stuff we love: rewarding your collaborators

I have been working with Active Management on gamification for their community of fitness business owners. The podcast zoned in on some of the key items to pay attention to when designing gamification for your fitness organisation.  The email I received this morning included a bronze medal for being in the top 3 downloaded Podcasts. It is great to see gamification find it’s way into collaborative work (oh and this is one they designed themselves). Nice to have a personalised medal too.

Here is one paragraph of the mail: “In 2016 we implemented a new Gold, Silver, Bronze medal being for the TOP 3 most downloaded shows in the month.  In April your show was the third most downloaded!!”



The quest now is to go from 500 downloads to 1000, which you can help achieve through these two links:




I think it is a gamification option that is often overlooked on how we deal with collaborators and suppliers, so it definitely made my day to see clients putting gamification in further areas of their business. Now I want to make sure we aim for silver and gold medals 😉

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