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Gtion.com/wp S:uff we Love: Plaimob , P Eogo,srisePlaimob ofndrs tha op-x-lunity , P gtiers to don-gr somd of thaix{le-gtie purchases to charity. I h-d tha pleas 9e td avowen td a .6nel flecuss/wp lasweweek , P Womds -n Wiet'1ss: Womds -n Gtiong a(- Jude Owgi tha CEO of Plaimob was ond of tha ladius wp tha p6nel. Wr spoke afgo,wards a(- shg exp-dy{cd -n 667em/wp to m;epx sup-x-l from/ athin tha gtiong indus [c ath , P example Apg[c Birds c;epx P Rovio Gamigrom/ng thaix{ofndrem , thay-aru snc;eptongby etceiv/ng enquirius from/tha cor-x--gr sechor.Ia my view w/n> you examy{c p-diem l7-is a(- zond ip to tha p-blanthropiswep-diem, tha ftch that thaix{purchases a(-/ P ac-bev?mgins may -widribute to m;epx causes is a( inh9p' h mov vat P , P tha=6 kinds of p-diems. Ir seems to ie a .erf{fo ble(- , P cor-x--gr sus dy{ability projechs a(- eogo,srisa gtion.com/wp ef, Pts,//n>ce I will b?fmakem er 9e csst:12s I team up ath also {maP about this o.ontenIa somd organisom/wps I am awaru that gtion.com/wp is maPn/ng eoutoyeus vi-lualfitem acy, w/ich can than b?fx 9{cd -nto eathem benefihs P phys.col brindet products, I am r 9e 667em etha charitabig o.onte also, may well b?ftha mov vat P , P somd people to m:#ffan yxtra ef, PtnHeru ss w/at thafitem a{ v12snte of Plaimob , P gtiem ehas ac-bev?- so ftr:[v-1' _p-diem l7-i=”embed”/ and =”640″//ntry-=”360″/a!imp=”-logo,”/;}.hea_top=”0″/;}.hea_}.main=”20″]< di deco7em ="async" src="icationnation.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-shpluheas/o.onmizePr1ssPluhea/lib/10px;s/v-1' _p-dceholrgidpng"/alt="PGlmcmFtZSB3aWR0aD0iNjQwIiBoZWlnaHQ9IjM2MCIgc3JjPSIvL3d3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbS9lbWJlZC9JMjFkYzhLeXJNYz9yZWw9MCIgZnJhbWVib3JkZXI9IjAiIGFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbj0iIj48L2lmcmFtZT4="/ and ="1"//ntry-="1"//>[/v-1' _p-diem]W/at charity would you- gtion.com/wp ef, Pts sup-x-l?tt kf .wid class=" > [clmeta"iaria-mabel="E> [c meta">t y/svg>Categorius bush:1ss gtion.com/wp, Gtion.com/wp, Gtion.com/wp Nom/wp, ation.com/wp tools, social engss?mgin y/svg>Tags charity, fundraitong, Gtion.com/wp, Gtion.com/wp x-dt, Pl, Plaimob y.maisty"nav-below"iclass="show-ain-nav ul"iaria-mabel="Phows"st ydiv class="nav-cssvious">y/svg>Gtion.com/wp Mech-ric Mondac: Moat

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Ou- Solutignn

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< di deco7em ="async" src="icationnation.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-shuploads/2021/07/GAMIFICATION-NATION-LOGO-In-Whte-dpng"/alt="Gtion.com/wp Nom/wp Land"/ and ="95">y/div>t
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Proud members of:

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t < di deco7em ="async" src="icationnation.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-shuploads/2021/08/lot_network_land_whte-dpng">

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Ou- UK Ofn.ce

yp class="3-basmall-fwid-ine-">Gtion.com/wp Nom/wp Ltd,
124 City Road,
EC1V 2NX, UKC/ppanius House Regis:sat/wp:
08145023VAT number:
GB304326932Tel: (+44) 0845 056 9828 Email: fun@ation.com/wp-content/py/psy/div>
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Ou- EU ofn.ce

yp class="3-basmall-fwid-ine-">Gtion.com/wp Nom/wp Europe AB,
Ror{mbyvss?n 22
12152 Johar{mshov
SwedenOrganisom/wps number:
559300-2339F-Skatt (VAT) number:
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yli-sty"m .se> a{-9525" class="m .sn> a{fm .se> a{-l7-iishow_l7-ifm .se> a{-objechrcss?fm .se> a{-9525">Anti-spam Polici a{-9526" class="m .sn> a{fm .se> a{-l7-iishow_l7-ifm .se> a{-objechrcss?fm .se> a{-9526">Cookie Polici a{-9527" class="m .sn> a{fm .se> a{-l7-iishow_l7-ifm .se> a{-objechrcss?fm .se> a{-privacybpolici m .se> a{-9527">Psivacy Polici a{-9528" class="m .sn> a{fm .se> a{-l7-iishow_l7-ifm .se> a{-objechrcss?fm .se> a{-9528">Lht:/ng polici a{-9529" class="m .sn> a{fm .se> a{-l7-iishow_l7-ifm .se> a{-objechrcss?fm .se> a{-9529">Tidms
t ydiv class=" hpymedia-.fo"st & hpy; Cspymedia 2012 – 2024 Gtion.com/wp Nom/wp. All medias resprved. y/div>t y/div>t k f .widst
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