Gamification tools: player types

Player types are a vital part of gamification and understanding the motivations and behaviours of your target audience are key to designing a process that engages. Richard Bartle researched the behaviour of gamers in multi-player games and came up with 4 core types: explorer, achiever, socialiser and killer. Andrzej Marczewki then built on this and very recently updated his gamification user types into 6 categories: achiever, socialiser, free spirit, philanthropist, disruptor and player. He also designed a short test, so you can verify your own type the link to take the test: gamification user types.

I have recorded a short video to give you an overview of the 4 core types, saying that I also recommend you read Andrzej’s material on user types.

What are the player types of your customers, employees and suppliers?

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