Gamification stuff we love: Monsuta Fitness

Imagine creating your own version of Pokemon Go, where you set the quest and the creatures to collect in your location for people subscribing to your app… Well Monsuta Fitness allows you to do just that.

Multiple app launcher Jarrod Robinson is the PE Geek behind this application and combines his love for technology and exercise once again. He showed me the idea of his app a few months ago and more recently how geolocation and finding the creatures has been made possible. He is mainly aiming at schools and community groups to take up the offer.

Basically the app allows you to place creatures anywhere close by and then players collect points and get ranked in a leaderboard. The hunting ground can be marked as private, so only those you want to have access to it can. You can see weekly updates on how players are doing and who is the lead monster catcher.

I think it adds the safety dimension, people complained about with Pokemon Go and still allows for the same interaction in terms of gameplay. The fact that you can create the location for monsters, is an added bonus.

I wonder how long it will take before they also add log-in streaks and other gameplay features which Pokemon go is adding. In any case a nice gamified quest application for schools and community groups.

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