Gamification stuff we love: Inklewriter

Gamification stuff we love: Inklewriter

Ninja bots fiction or non fiction

Over Christmas I was trying out a few new games and one that came highly recommended was 80 days from Inkle Studios. I was engrossed for hours trying to complete my mission on time on budget, whilst keeping my gentleman companion happy. I made several choices and encounters lots of challenges along the way and I have to say I have yet to complete the journey in 80 days or less. It is effectively an interactive book where the reader has options to choose from and based on these the storyline changes and you meet different characters and challenges. It also has game elements which are essential to keep you engaged, you have time challenges to get to the bank or board the next part of your journey, you nurture the health of your gentleman and your money resources.

The great people from Inkle Studios, have made their software available to let you write your own fiction stories with optional choice points. It means that you let the reader decide on some of the storyline and it means more complex interaction is possible. They have made the writing software free to use and will for a fee assist you in making your interactive story happening.

It has been created for fiction writing purposes and I can see that this will definitely capture imagination, it is definitely a medium I am looking forward to try out. I can also see an application for it in learning environments where multiple options are possible for a scenario, which lead you down a certain career path.

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What kind of story would you put on this writer? Would it be for business?

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