Gamification stuff we love: Hacktrain

Gamification stuff we love: Hacktrain

Hackatons are a great way to brainstorm around a specific topic. Hack-train is inviting you to take part in a hack-a-ton on one of three trains to do with transforming the rail industry. Has the rails is the theme of the overall hack-a-ton. One train will focus on the end to end customer journey, crowdsourcing and gamification. The second train will focus on internet of things, cyber security, scheduling and maintenance. The third train will be the big data train focusing on big data, analytics, forecasting and predictions.

I personally thing it is a great initiate to join in and make a difference to a transport tool that affects most of us. The journeys are so far not yet released to keep the element of suspense going. It is not the first year the train is running, but the unusual setting and the very specific topics should provide good source for discussion. Let’s face it, who doesn’t have an opinion about trains and the industry? If you have to use them as a mode of transport, obviously first hand experience will come in handy.

I liked the idea and location hence I wanted to share the initiative and hopefully some of you will join the train and let us know about the experience first hand.


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