Gamification stuff we love: Gametize

Gamification stuff we love: Gametize

Gametize offer a quest gamification platform, which allows companies to set up quests in a matter of minutes around a certain topic. Once you have uploaded your quest into the Gametize system, players can be invited into their app or the company offers to create your own bespoke app. Quests have been used in learning, recruitment, on boarding, marketing to date. The platform  originally started as a fantasy stock exchange game, then became Game Maki and thanks to investment and advisors they are now called Gametize. HQ is based in Singapore and the founder Keith Ng is well recognised in the world of gamification.

What I like about their platform is that it is easy to use and allows you to set up a quest or challenge in easy steps. It is aimed at the mobile generation, which in Asia is a massive advantage, because mobile first is typically what is required in this region and it has social media connections built in with the option to create Facebook games. The bespoke app offer, I think is a winner to create fun engagement on the go. The pricing is unusual and works per topic of a challenge, which allows then unlimited creation of challenges, rewards and players, which is good. The topic and what it means needs a bit further explanation in my view, but it does seem like good value for money when you are opting to create regular challenges for a purpose.

Here is an example of a recruitment challenge for SingTel MAP, where they used the platform to create challenges for potential new hires. Through taking quest they learned more about each candidate and candidates also had the opportunity to connect with each other.

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Where have you used quests or what is your experience with the Gametize platform?




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  1. Thank you An! We will actually be offering a free plan very soon (great for families and friends!), and on top of that, our pricing will be revised to make it more affordable with limited topics in each project – though in future the limit is still based on number of challenge completions in each project (there are premium plans with no caps too).

    Meanwhile, should you or your readers be keen to try out the platform, here is a coupon code – "keithsayshi" – free till end June before our free plans are launched.

    I saw that you will be in Singapore in Oct 2016. Let's catch up, and get a coffee in our speakeasy ninja HQ, Chinatown 🙂

  2. Hi Keith,
    thank you for the update and the generous offer to us and our readers, much appreciated!!! 🙂
    Can you explain how a topic is determined in Gametize, so for example if I pick gamification as my topic, can I do unlimited quests based on it? That was the one thing I wasn't 100% clear on.
    Look forward to catching up in Singapore for sure, will let you know exact dates closer to the time.
    Great work, keep it up!

  3. Dear An,

    My apologies; in future, topics are actually unlimited, not limited.

    In Gametize, a project is a group of topics, and a topic is a group of challenges (which you can also call a quest). So yes, you can have unlimited quests aka challenges in your gamification topic!

    More inspirations can be found at 🙂 See you in our little island, then!

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