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In user experience design the argument is often made that if your application needs a tutorial the user journey has not been optimised. In some ways there is truth in this. In another sense all of the functionality may not be clear from the beginning and with all technology advancing at a rapid pace, an on-boarding quest or mini-tutorial may still be worthwhile.

WalkMe provides the tools most software needs to create the on-boarding quest or tour. In games it is a technique used if and when new moves are being introduced. Just think about the early screen and levels in any game, where arrows and even animated movements showcase what is necessary for it to all work. WalkMe allows you to create on-boarding journeys and even personalise the messaging to your users.

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In some of our earlier work we created on-boarding mini-quests and felt it was always important to make the user feel at ease with the new application. Progression through a task is shown with tick lists or progression indicators.

The software as a service application comes with a free to try options that allows you to set up a 5 step on boarding journey and the company has some ready made on-boarding for enterprise systems we come across quite frequently with our work with multinationals.

From a gamification perspective good on-boarding is often key to the success of a gamification launch, so we tend to include on-boarding if the systems we introduce are not as self-explanatory and intuitive as we would like them to be. However where possible we do want to avoid unnecessary steps. Personalisation is a hot topic for a lot of applications, which this solution can offer and add value with for the people logging in.

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