Gamification stuff we love: Attensi Simulations

Gamification Campaigns we Love: Attensi Simulations

Thanks to the Norwegian Innovation Board I recently met with the Norwegian company Attensi, who make simulations for learning purposes. One of their showcase projects is in retail.

They developed a virtual image of the real store of a hardware retailer where the task for learners was to keep the store well stocked and clean. The other objective is to also look after customers by engaging with them in a timely manner and providing them with what they are looking for and look for opportunities to upsell or cross sell.

When playing the simulation, the learner gains points for all elements and it is tracked per game play for behavioural improvements. The simulation also indicates when a customer walking into the store turns angry because they are not being looked after or they didn’t get what they want.

When customers leave the store you also have a measurement of lost business potential.

They have similar creations for a gym setting where customer service and cleanliness are also key measures.

I loved the realistic style simulation and the ease of play. If you are looking at realistic style simulations with excellent behavioural change as a result due to the life like nature of the simulations and the encouragement of gamification, I highly suggest looking at these solutions. They have been tried and tested by real organisations and the behavioural change is tangible and documented.

If this is the kind of simulation you are looking for, get in touch, we will make sure to introduce you.

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