Gamification stuff we love: Zoho CRM gamification

Gamification stuff we love: Zoho CRM gamification

Some time ago, I invested in Zoho CRM (customer relationship management) software after testing out a number of systems. At the time none of them were really gamified, everything would have required custom work to make it work. To my surprise when using Zoho this week all of a sudden I started receiving notifications about badges and achievements. Hence I went and checked it out.

Basically the people at Zoho did a massive overhaul of the user-interface and added this feature into their offering, which personally I found fun to experience without prior knowledge. The gamescope side of Zoho allows you to create individual and team challenges, with timing set to indicate the game period and then trophies for the overall winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd), the win criteria and badges earned for tasks along the way.

I love the fact that it came with some standard suggestions, which is what triggered me finding out about it. I also like the quest or challenge functionality. Even without having designed it myself to suit my business, I found myself wanting to do more in order to get those positive messages on how far I was coming to unlock the next badge. Each action prompted a message with the visual popping up. If you think about team GB in cycling focusing on making everything and every area just 1% better, then this kind of option across your customer relationship management system and sales systems will have a multiplied impact in the long run. You then just need people like me to fine-tune it to suit your target audience and identifying the meaningful touch points.

Imagine all of your customer service team and sales team and social media teams receiving positive messaging and consistently improving 1%. That is what in my view gamification can do for your business.


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