Gamification Mechanic Monday: Win Prizes

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Win Prizes

Games in the end of the day give us a winners high when we win against another person or we win a prize. The chance of winning a number of prizes, might be enough for some players to enter the game in the first place. In most games winning requires a display of skills and the overcoming of a number of obstacles, however if you look at sweepstakes and lotto games they are more down to chance.

If you have seen any of the sweepstakes television shows, where they showcase people who enter sweepstakes nearly for a living, then you can see it can have an addictive effect and not based entirely on rational thinking if you ask me. For games like Lotto for example, the higher the prize the more people enter and in fact the lower the odds of winning, but the lure of the big prize money seems to have a natural attraction and maybe an element of escapism potential.

Most of us would enter a prize winning competition when you have a good chance on winning, because you rate your skills high enough or the odds are particularly good. For example I entered the UK Blog Awards, because I feel I have a good potential chance of making first of all the shortlist after the public vote and then to get an evaluation of how the blog is rated in professional terms. By the way if you haven’t voted for us yet, we would still appreciate your public vote to get us through round 1.

In your business, how can you set up a competition, where either customers, potential customer or employees can win prizes. In marketing and sales this has often been a technique used to expose more potential clients to a brand. Some brands have a loyal following as a result of regular potential prizes.

We have entered in both the digital category and most innovative and we rely on the public to help us on to the final shortlist for both categories. We would be thrilled if you could help make this happen by casting 1 vote in each category for us.

Here is link for the innovation shortlist: Vote for us in Innovation

Link for the digital and technology category: Vote for us in Digital & Technology

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