Gamification Mechanic Monday: Win conditions

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Win conditions

In order to win in computer games, you often have to master the level and play it a few times before you actually achieve the win conditions necessary to win and move forward. In sports lots of training and taking part in competitions will have an impact on your chances to win. All things being equal, you don’t know how the competition is preparing but the best you can do is create ideal win conditions for yourself.

I am not sure if mental state plays as much a part or maybe not as consciously in computer games as it does in real life and sports. Maybe that is exactly the differentiator that in computer games failure is part and parcel of moving forward in the game and the opportunity to win again presents itself every time you have a life left. In reality we may invest a lot more attachment to the actual outcome and maybe that in itself may not be an ideal win condition. However I would say with confidence that those who win in sports and life do come with an ‘I deserve to win’ mental state, because they know they have done the ground work and put in place win conditions.

The majority of players gives up before the big win, because they are not prepared to do the necessary grunt work in order to achieve the higher echelons. Even in computer games, only .1% of players tends to keep moving forward when new levels come out and they put in the work despite losing more than winning so they can fine-tune their game play strategies and ultimately win more.

What will it take to create your win conditions for your goal?


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