Gamification Mechanic Monday: visual celebration

Gamification Mechanic Monday: visual celebration

I am playing a game called Best Fiends for some time and the aim is to beat slugs with a team of bugs who all have their individual super powers and shooting ability. Depending on the challenge presented you pick a team of bug warriors to go to battle. The brilliant part about the game in my view is the visual celebration when you win. All the bugs start smiling and dancing around.

In enterprise gamification, most of us spend not enough time on celebrating milestones and progression along the way. Even less so in the visual sense. Whilst a badge for completion may be step in the right direction, how about the half way point or a key deliverable that went in on time?

For some people it may sound like a gimmick, but this is also where gamification can bring a smile to a face with something more lighthearted.

I would love you to share the best visual celebrations you have come across either in a comment or on our social media.

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