Gamification mechanic Monday: Virtual reality

Gamification mechanic Monday: Virtual reality

I like watching BBC Breakfast when starting in the morning and this morning they featured virtual reality headsets. They even made a 360 version of the behind scenes of the show for virtual reality viewing. Having listened to some of the virtual reality team at BBC before, their professional view was that whilst it is an amazing new technology, it will be a while before it goes mainstream.

The immediate application for virtual reality is spotted in retail, hotels and holiday destinations, what is often overlooked that it has been part and parcel of e-learning for some time and will continue to increase. Retail environments can be fully recreated, so you could explore a shopping mall from the comfort of your sofa, same with a hotel or holiday destination. It does require extensive filming at all angles and a lot of editing to make all the footage work together.

Creating content for virtual reality requires additional equipment and some thought put into why various angles may be useful for developing a view of reality. Interestingly the brain considers this just as real as reality and as some people say when trying VR first, that it messes with your head.

So far in regular gamification projects, I haven’t had many request for virtual reality. However here an there people have enquired.

What is your favourite virtual reality application to date?

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