Gamification Mechanic Monday: Using too many

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Using too many

In a lot of games we find a number of game mechanics and in some even just one or two. What I am noticing that popular games have started adding further game mechanics when their original game goes into decline or simply because they can. In a recent upgrade one of my favourites added yet another game mechanic where the play again button used to be. It seemed like a strategic positioning of a spin the wheel type of mechanic, placed especially in the position of the play again button to pull people into using it by accident (which I would obviously do), but the free spin is only available once per hour for the remainder it is another way they want you to pay to play instead. It seems like yet another attempt to make money out of a free to pay game. It happens as you exit a round of play, which from a timing perspective is a rather odd place.

For me the added element doesn’t add value, it feels like it is too much too late. Sometimes sticking with what works is enough, the game is very popular and although on the market for some time still played very regularly. The challenge it seems to have is that it is was brought to market as free to play and the means the money making ability comes from in-game buying.

When designing gamification solutions, I would learn from this game and recommend to add only those game mechanics that are valuable to you inside the process, once it works stick with it.  You can have too many game mechanics, which reduce the effectiveness and when placed after the process has ended is also extending the process for no particular reason.



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