Gamification Mechanic Monday: Turnover

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Turnover

It seems only appropriate to turn to a sports term for this week’s gamification mechanic in the aftermath of the Superbowl and the start of the 6 Nations. In these sports a turnover means the possession of the ball changes to the opposing team, often playing in defence while it happens. Turnovers can happen as a result of a fumble of an attacking player or an interception by defending player. From a viewing fan’s perception it makes opportunity change hands too and all the emotions from despair to elation and vice versa join in the mix. I personally believe that is one of the reasons I like watching sports especially the tight games where no clear winner emerges until late in the game.

In business there is obviously no ball to pass or intercept, but the balance of power does often move around for similar reasons namely someone making a mistake or someone else coming from nowhere to take a lead position. I see it relevant in sales and project management. There are few organisations where it is overtly used as an approach to doing business however, maybe there is scope for it. When a leader is in a position and comfortable, a challenger with new ideas may well push the existing leaders to better performance but also come with potentially better and more innovative ideas.

Turnovers in basketball are a key statistic of most players, in addition to scores. Yet in business, it could add great value to have the best ideas rise to the top and although it is harder to have a large organisation  change strategy quickly, at a tactical level I think it should be possible. From a leadership perspective, having ideas accepted and from a sales performance perspective winning against others, can be a relevant measure of performance.

Where can you see turnovers applied as a gamification mechanic?


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