Gamification Mechanic Monday: Teleport

Teleporting as a game mechanic can be used to move your character from one part in the game to another. Typically you have to reach a teleporting hole or acquire a super power to achieve it. In the transport app Citymapper, the app lists all the potential routes between two points and for fun it also includes teleporting as a suggestion, which I always found nerdy funny. With a lot of Christmas and family gatherings happening some of you may be wishing for this technique.

In gamification for business or life, some people may want to be able to teleport away to a new galaxy far far away. Whilst it may not be feasible in the day to day going on for most of us. In the digital sense it is possible to build in teleporting to a new system or a new level to potentially undo something in the past or to get ahead. Instead of the usual boring ways to switch between application a code that allows you to travel to a new software could be amusing if you have a geeky sense of humour.


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