Gamification Mechanic Monday: Social nudge

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Social nudge

Encouraging people to participate in a water bucket challenge, was extremely successful in applying the social nudging approach. A bit of peer pressure for a cause, when you were nominated. What made it work is the epic meaning, the fun activity and social pressure to make it work. For all the willing participants there were also active non-participants, who shared their reasons equally publicly. The social setting was key.

This kind of mechanic can also be used in enterprise gamification, when you want to appoint new people to join your project or to carry out a challenge. It can be voluntary, the person on the receiving end doesn’t have to accept the challenge. They can choose to take part or pass it on to others.

The key to making it work is having a social platform to do it, so the invitation is visible. Secondly the reason for doing it is important, whether it is honour or epic in meaning, there should be a good reason why.

Where else have you seen this kind of mechanic in action?

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