Gamification Mechanic Monday: Skills and traits

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Skills and traits

In some games you can earn super powers by completing missions. In gamification terms this may mean you allow your audience more skills or traits on your system. They may have proven base knowledge, which gives them the ability to encourage others and further down the line mentor others for example. On the journey to mastery, there may be steps where players prove competence and thanks to that have further access to advanced materials and the ability to share those for example.

In e-learning for example once you have passed an initial base level, you can then take on higher levels of material to test your skills against.

When completing customer service dashboard correctly for a number of times, may for example allow you to verify other people’s entries. You can then build up to become a team manager by proving your skills along the way all of the time and unlocking additional levels of skills and responsibility.

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Where can you give your audience superpowers?

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