Gamification Mechanic Monday: Russian Roulette

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Russian Roulette

On a Russian roulette you have two options colours and numbers, if the ball doesn’t fall on your colour and number you effectively lose, if it lands on your number and colour you win.

A roulette wheel.
A roulette wheel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a business setting I have seen this used to divide gifts which were collected throughout the year from clients, everyone picked a colour and a number and the winners were purely random. It eliminated the continuous debate on who may have influenced the outcome and why someone is more favoured than someone else.

In advergaming this mechanic comes up from time to time too, to give the player in this case a potential buyer the chance to win either free product or money off vouchers or other rewards. Having the chance to win a reward will entice the potential buyer to play, however the odds of winning tend to be quite limited which is why it is often a chosen technique by the seller.


Where have you seen the Russian Roulette used?



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