Gamification Mechanic Monday: progress loss

Gamification Mechanic Monday: progress loss

In a few apps I use to track progress on my fitness, language learning, drinking water amongst other things (I do love tracking stuff in general) some include a progress loss game mechanic to indicate when you fell off the track. It is feedback on how you do no more no less. Typically progress loss happens for not checking in on a regular basis or not tracking progress. In some games you may even lose skills or levels if you no longer play or log in on a regular basis.

Although it is good to have consequences for not being consistent with progress, it can also cause a level of added demotivation. I always feel there should be an option to pause or freeze progress loss when you know you have a pretty hectic work period ahead and games or apps are not the highest priority not best use of your time at that point. I prefer the simply tracking the positives such as a 21 day consistency streak in my water balance app or a day streak from duolingo when I am on top of my learning. Inherently I know that being a regular learner will increase my chances of learning and retaining the knowledge, but sometimes other life events take priority.

Where have you experienced progress loss and found it helpful?

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